"Saucy Slices", Book Launch, Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson, When it all becomes too much

“Saucy Slices” new mini cookbook

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest mini cookbook from the kitchens of Terri Bateman and Sarah Jackson. 

“Saucy Slices”, the latest mini cookbook from Terri Bateman and Sarah Jackson, is now available.

Looking for a dessert that will impress your friends? Do you want to make some fabulous alcohol-based treats for your function? Are you looking for something a bit different from standard desserts? This could be the book for you.

“Saucy Slices” is the third book in the “When it all becomes too much” mini cookbook pantry series by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson. This easy-to-use book contains 20 easy-to-make recipes to help make your slices the talk of the town. 

Now available through Amazon for $AU0.99 for the e-book and $AU8:80 for the print version.

All of the “When it all becomes too much” Pantry and Produce titles are available here


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