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Christmas Party Tips – Beverages

Holding a Christmas Party and need some advice on how many drinks to provide?

A general rule of thumb is to provide a minimum of 1.5 bottles of wine for each adult guest (regardless of who is drinking or not).

If you don’t know the drinking preference of your guests opt for half red, half white. (Include champagne if it is to be drunk with the meal)

If champagne/sparkling wine is only used for toasts or aperitifs then plan for 1 bottle for every four guests.

If making cocktails/egg nog make 1.5 cocktails for every guest.

Ensure that ample jugs of water (and ice) are available.

Add one bottle of soft drink for every four guests, and one bottle of juice for every 6 guests

The following links allow you to put in details like the number of guests, type of event and duration of event and then provides suggestions on the number and type of food items and beverages you may require.

Dan Murphy’s Party Planner


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