Our miniatures range includes small bowls, large bowls and plates. The small bowl matches well with the plates. Both sized bowls can be use as tea light holders, and if you wish, you can order them pre-filled. These cute items come in a range of colours (you choice), and make great table items for formal functions, or full-sized items for dolls and teddy bears.

Large bowls are 3cm high and 4.5cm across (diameter). Small bowls are 2cm high and 4.0cm across. Plates are 1cm high and 6.25 across.

Individual pieces are $2:00 each

Sets of three are $5:00.

Candles – add $0.20 per item

All prices include postage within Australia. Should you wish to order large numbers (e.g. for a function), a special price can be arranged.

All homewares are made to order. It should be noted that each item is individually made and can vary in colour from those pictured.

All items may be ordered through this site (Homewares Order form), or may be available through ETSY or eBay.