Crime & Mystery

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” By Sarah Jackson

Feathers fly when the president of the poultry club and his prize-winning rooster are brutally murdered days before the district agricultural show. Senior Constable Ivy Driscoll must solve the murders, win the hearts and minds of the locals, and restore calm in the small town she would like to call home.

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“Crime before Christmas” by Sarah Jackson 

Are you looking for a Christmassy crime short story? Why not download “Crime before Christmas” by Sarah Jackson?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the club, people were stirring, except for the body in the library. When local curmudgeon and notorious food critic, Cyril Greenfield, is found dead in the library of the exclusive Explorers’ Club. Detective Inspector Edith Grayson is put in charge of solving the crime. “Crime before Christmas” is a Christmassy mystery short story from the pen of Sarah Jackson.

AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON (E-BOOK): “Crime before Christmas” from 1 November 2019


Crossing the Line cover“Crossing the Line” by Sarah Jackson 

Reduced to the meaninglessness of drinking her life away in a crumby bar set up in an insulated shipping container in the remains of a post-nuclear Earth, former Police Inspector Joan, relays the story of how the Justice system was overrun by the will of the people. “Crossing the Line” examines a possible future for us all. How close are we to losing control?

A science fiction short story from the “Better Future Series”